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OPINION: Wide range of possibilities

by By Robert Box A Chaplain’s Perspective | March 29, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.

I forget the occasion, but a female friend of mine and I had decided to pray for some of our friends. I began my prayer by referring to God as "Father" -- e.g. as a male. To which my friend immediately inquired as to whether God was indeed male. Good question. However, it is a simple question to answer. No, God is not a male entity; neither is God a female. God is God!

There is a lot of confusion today about whether a person is a male or female, the role of sex among people who are not sure about their gender, and what is the purpose of sexual orientation anyway? This gets a little complicated whenever procreation is involved, which sport a transgender person participates in and indeed what bathroom a person uses. Forget the legislative and legal issues involved in this issue for a moment and focus with me on some interesting theological observations.

When God created humanity on the earth, God (notice that I eschewed using the pronoun "He," although I do remember that Jesus referred to God as Father) God did not focus upon sexual orientation since that was not an issue with him. God is everything, both male and female (if that is significant for God), and apparently did not worry much about it when Adam was created. Since God could create without any form of sexual interaction, perhaps God somehow figured that Adam could do the same; however, such was not the case, since Adam was human. So, God created a woman, not someone inferior to Adam, but someone who was exactly like him -- e.g. someone taken from within him who was suitable for him to have companionship and procreate (see Genesis 2:18-23). The KJV Bible use of "helpmeet" is the wrong translation.

It is important to note several things here: (1) there is no mention of love, (2) there is no suggestion that the woman was inferior, and (3) it would take both of them to produce children and to populate the earth. It was not just a man's (The Hebrew name of Adam means man) world any longer; now, it was a man and woman's world. It is obvious that God intended them to be over the rest of the world and to rule over it, but it is equally obvious that God's primary purpose for creating a male and female human being was so that they could produce children and populate the earth with other humans.

Therefore, it is important to separate the reason why God created a man and woman and what our society has speculated about the role of men and women, the relationship of them to one another, and gender recognition. If the propagation of the human race is the issue, so far it is impossible to ignore the necessity of having a male and female work together to produce children. On the other hand, if sexual orientation means something more, then there is a wide range of possibilities being presented by any number of individuals.

I do not want to become involved in the pros and cons of whatever someone is suggesting about sexual orientation these days, since there are no answers to satisfy almost anyone; however, it is possible to note some interesting situations that are presented. Since there is enough love going around these days, the real issues do not really focus upon homosexuality or lesbianism. It's always been possible for men to love one another, and women to do likewise; beyond that, history supports a myriad ways of accomplishing that love. Actually, men and women have the same sexual orientation with both male and female hormones; the difference is simply that men have more male hormones and women have more female hormones.

What gets interesting is when the human genome is considered. It takes a very serious surgical procedure to actually change someone from being a male to a female or vice versa. Regardless of personal sexual orientations, that is seldom done. Thus, what happens when a man who wants to be a woman suddenly has all of those changes to his body? Yes, you may dress like a woman and use her bathroom, but it gets a little dicey when you have a five o'clock shadow on your face when evening comes. It's tough suggesting that a woman should grow a beard. Or, consider a woman who wants to be a man in sports only to discover that she just doesn't have the physical makeup to actually compete. There have been some great women athletes who have competed in men's sports only to face failure.

So, let's summarize. If you are talking about God's creation of a man and woman, you are simply talking about populating the earth with humans. If you are talking about exploring the fringes of sexual relationships between men and women, the possibilities are limitless; but there are some issues involving men and women that cannot be ignored socially. No matter what a person wants to do or be, men are going to grow beards and women are going to have menstrual cycles.

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