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LETTER: Keep hands, laws off our libraries

by Linda Lloyd Bella Vista | March 29, 2023 at 4:00 a.m.

Thanks so much for the OpEd about Libraries. I always tell my real estate clients what an asset our Library is to Bella Vista and drive them there. Libraries should be a resource for everyone. Banning books is so against having on open and welcome resource.

I am very concerned about people trying to impose their ideas or values on others. I respect that anyone can have their own perspective but just don't try to foist that on me. Our world would be a very sad place if everyone thought and acted the same. People who want everyone to think like they do must have some innate sense of fear. I would rather have a sense of wonder at reading about people and places and ideas that I don't know anything about.

Our legislators need to keep their hands and laws OFF our libraries and stop vilifying our librarians who work very hard to make all sorts of information available.

As more and more schools try to limit what is taught to our youngsters, libraries can fill a bigger and bigger role. Only by exploring and learning about all sorts of people and opening their horizons, can kids become well rounded and beneficial members of society.

I remember spending hours and hours at our local library learning about different religions and countries and reading biographies of people that shaped our world. Granted that was before the internet, but would you rather have our kids learn from the internet and social media, or by reading books on whatever topic they wanted to investigate ?

Our librarians should be praised not limited and threatened with jail. Stop by and thank our Library employees and volunteers for doing what they do!!

Linda Lloyd

Bella Vista

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