RELIGION: Grow strong

This morning's Musings is short on words, but I think it speaks volumes on how we should approach our daily grind.

A group of mountain hikers came across an old woodsman with an axe on his shoulder. "Where are you going?" they asked him.

"I'm headed up the mountain to get some wood to repair my cabin," replied the woodsman.

"But why are you going up the mountain?" they asked incredulously. "There are plenty of trees all around us here."

"I know," he said, "but I need strong timber and it grows only on the highest elevations, where the trees are tested and toughened by the weather around them. The higher up you go, the stronger the timber grows."

And that is what God desires for us -- that through the winds of trial and the storms of temptation we would grow strong and live on a higher level -- strong to resist temptations urging, strong to serve God, and strong as we stand together in faith and service to one another.