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LETTER: Newspaper needs to present both sides

by Lanni Johnson Bella Vista | November 23, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

Dear Editor

As a newcomer to Bella Vista, I have been closely following the local election races for mayor and council members. What I have noticed is that this newspaper has only allowed input for one faction, that which seems to be calling for no commercial growth, and business as usual. However, there is another candidate who is advocating for additional but controlled, commercial growth. Randy Murray received 44% of the vote in the first election, and yet I find it interesting that not one letter supporting Mr. Murray has been printed on the editorial page of this paper during the campaign. Obviously, if someone has gotten the type of support he did in the election, there must be some strong feelings among citizens who want to see some changes. I watched the mayoral debate, and Mr. Murray presented solid facts and reasons to support his position for growth; additional and closer services for citizens of Bella Vista, and more tax revenues to support our growing population. I believe people have the right to vote for whoever they choose. However, a newspaper needs to present both sides to retain credibility with the public.

Lanni Johnson

Bella Vista

Print Headline: Newspaper needs to present both sides


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