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LETTER: Mayor is full time job

by Terri OByrne | November 23, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

Dear Editor,

As a prior city councilman and mayor pro-tem, I know from experience being mayor is a FULL TIME job. It also helps to have served on a City Council, building relationships within the council; understanding the history of your community; and knowing the nuances of past and future legislation.

Since Bella Vista became a municipality, we've been blessed with two FULL TIME mayors.

All due respect, when you have a large portion of your assets tied up in a growing business; when you have a growing family and are expected to be at that ball game or recital, as opposed to the many community events in Bella Vista, how can you be a FULL TIME mayor? I was younger and brash once and thought I was superman also. Guess what?

Before voting on Dec. 6th, think about the day you plan to drop by City Hall for a visit with the mayor; who do you think is most likely to BE THERE?


Tony LiCausi

Bella Vista

Print Headline: Mayor is full time job


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