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LETTER: Just saying you’ll do it doesn’t mean you know how to get it done

by John Nuttall Bella Vista | November 23, 2022 at 4:00 a.m.

The city of Bella Vista has a run-off election on Dec. 6 for mayor. Councilman John Flynn is an eight-year veteran on the council and has served as vice mayor for six years and is in a run-off with newcomer to city government Randy Murray, who is a contractor in Bella Vista.

Don't vote for someone just because you saw their sign. Understand what they can actually do to improve our city. Do they know how an Arkansas city operates? Do they have experience with city departments? Do they know who to work with in the POA and Co0per Commuinties to get cooperative projects actually done? Are the plans they have for the growth of the city reasonable and achievable? Just saying you'll do it doesn't mean you know how to get it done.

Will they devote the time to do the job? John Flynn attended 308 of 310 meetings during his time as a councilman.

Make your voice heard get out and vote!

Vote for mayor again on Dec. 6. You can early vote at the county clerk's office beginning Nov. 29.

A vote for John Flynn is a vote for conservative values with no strings attached to big-money donors.

John Nuttall

Bella Vista

Print Headline: Just saying you’ll do it doesn’t mean you know how to get it done


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