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LETTER: Disgusted at opposition to proposed septic ordinance

by Linda Loyd | September 29, 2021 at 5:24 a.m.

I am speaking as a concerned citizen. First, I am embarrassed to say that I have been a licensed Realtor for 49 years. I am disgusted that the local Board of Realtors is opposing our proposed septic ordinance that would protect consumers in favor of (Northwest Arkansas Boards of Realtors) NABOR's agents' own pocketbooks.

The survey they sent out asking Realtors to sign, opposing this ordinance had no factual information whatsoever. It merely stated that the Board was against the ordinance so Realtors should sign it. Asking the membership to do that without any explanation of the issues is an insult. Many of the agents signing that petition have never been to Bella Vista.

I believe that the city council has the mandate to protect our current and future residents from consumer fraud perpetrated by unscrupulous contractors, assisted by some Realtors who may or may not understand what they are doing. First, let me applaud the contractors who have refused to build homes that are bigger than the designed septic systems allow and also applaud the Realtors who have actually gotten the plat for the property and disclosed septic size when listing properties.

Contractors sign an affidavit when they get the septic permits that they will build only the size house stated. Then they proceed to ignore what they have agreed to. People who purchase four-bedroom homes built on two-bedroom septic systems will indeed have problems. Anywhere else in the county, when you build on a septic system, you have a primary and secondary system in case there is a failure. In Bella Vista, the lots are too small for that. A failing septic system will leave three options: buy the lot next door and build a new septic system; install an alternative system at a cost of about $25,000; or abandon the house.

The Bella Vista Community TV station recently did a show on septics, which you can view on YouTube.

The city council must stop this practice by uncaring and fraudulent builders and protect our residents.

Linda Lloyd

Bella Vista

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