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LETTER: Changing our mind

September 8, 2021 at 5:24 a.m.

In his column of Sept. 1 Robert Box tells how his reading Marsha and Aiden Aizumi's book "Two Spirits One Heart" helped him to a better understanding of transgendered persons and enriched his worldview.

I want to lift up an excellent, very readable book on another hot button issue: homosexuality. David P. Gushee is a highly respected professor of religion and ethics who identifies as an evangelical. In 2017 he published "Changing Our Mind." In this short book he relates the journey he has taken with respect to homosexuality and how over time he has changed his mind. He deals with what the Bible actually says, how he has learned from the people he has met, and how his experiences in his own family have profoundly affected him. This book is a must read.

Sandy Wylie

Bella Vista

Print Headline: Changing our mind


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