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Golf Committee hears about maintenance

by Lynn Atkins | July 21, 2021 at 5:28 a.m.

The POA's Golf Committee heard about a plan to repair winter damage on Scotsdale that will close nine holes of golf for about two months. The back nine holes will remain open.

Golf Maintenance Director Keith Ihms described the project which is using a new method to "sprig" the fairways on the front nine holes of the course. The new method will be about one third of the cost of placing sod, he said.

A machine uses a large roll of sod, but it pulverizes it so small pieces are dropped down as it moves. There is some soil dropped as well and then the area is watered continuously until the grass takes hold.

Ihms pointed out that even though summer is the busy season for golf, it's also the only time when Bermuda grass can be started. It needs the warm weather.

There's no guarantee the new Bermuda grass will survive a cold winter, but it was developed in Oklahoma which has a similar climate. The front nine, Ihms explained, tends to have more damage than the back nine because air is blown over Loch Lomond before it hits the course and is cooler.

"We think this is a good idea going forward," Ihms said. In the future some members of the golf staff may be able to equip their own machine for the process, he said.

He told the board he has posted a video explaining the process so members will understand why the nine holes will be closed for an extended period. He is also planning to offer tours for members who are interested in the process.

Ihms also reported on a project at the Country Club where flood damage around a bridge will be repaired, as well as some new sod on collars and tees, which were damaged by the cold weather. The Country Club fairways also had some winter damage, but Ihms is planning to allow those to grow in naturally.

There was a short discussion about hiring play managers to patrol the course, but none of the committee members supported the idea.

Play managers cannot be everywhere, committee member Susan Nuttall said. It might be more practical for other members to contact the pro shop if they see a problem on the course. A staff member can be sent out to address specific problems.

Committee Chair Jason Loyd reminded the committee that both he and Nuttall were involved in a golf committee recommendation when the board chose to close nine holes of the Berksdale golf course. Recently, some board members have suggested that the course could be reopened if the number of golf rounds continue to remain high.

The minutes of the meetings, which took place in July 2018, including an open meeting with about 80 golfers in attendance, are still available online.

"I would rather spend the money on the Country Club," Loyd said, reminding the committee that one bridge has already been removed from the closed section of the course.

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