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The Rules and Regulations Committee met via Zoom last week to talk about an issue that may affect new homes inside the POA boundaries. Changes in the Arkansas Department of Health regulations which were made in 2016 are now affecting new home builders.

Bella Vista has many small lots that now don't have space for the new leach field requirements. It's possible, Judson said, that a more expensive system can be used instead of a leach field but that is unusual. Also, some homeowners can buy a neighboring lot for their leach field, but that isn't always an option.

There are some members who purchased lots before the regulations were put into place and now won't be able to build. General manager Tom Judson told the committee that changes to Policy 8.03 could help those owners.

Policy 8.03 was written for members who develop problems with their septic systems by allowing the possibility of using common property for septic. The changes will allow builders of new homes to ask for that same privilege. Each case would need specific approval, he explained.

Board member Mary Sinkus asked if allowing a leach field on common property would mean that trees would be removed from common property, and POA attorney Doug McCash said he had some personal experience with leech fields and was told to remove existing trees.

Because of a number of questions, the committee agreed that more discussion was needed and it should include the entire board. Judson suggested that maintenance and construction director Mike Taggart should be present. The issue will be discussed at the general manager's meeting, which is not open to the public.

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