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LETTER: Fairways and Greens!

by Terri OByrne | February 17, 2021 at 5:24 a.m.

In my not-too-distant past, over a five-year period, I had the opportunity to travel the U.S.A. via my RV. My mission, in part, was that of a traveling staff writer for Sun Golf Magazine in Arizona, reporting on the golf tournaments I played in and the golf locations and facilities at which they were held.

This experience gave me an almost unprecedented exposure to golf communities across the country. Much more so than the average golfer might be able to see for himself.

I am pleased to report to the residents of Bella Vista, particularly the golfing community, that they are amid one of the most beautiful, well-kept golfing communities, I have ever seen.

My wife and I originally found Bella Vista through a strange turn of events that led us here. We are extremely lucky that it did. We bought our home in Bella Vista at the end of 2016 and have lived here happily ever since.

We experienced the recent assessment increase with everyone else, and I feel fortunate that we did. Bella Vista, even today, is one of the most affordable options for a golf community available to anyone across the country.

I would like to thank and offer my heartfelt kudos to Tom Judson, Darryl Muldoon and Keith Ihms for what they are achieving here for us in Bella Vista.

The courses are in great shape, especially for this time of year. The repairs and improvements are not only necessary but ever-present. The recent repairs to cart paths, bridges and their access points have been outstanding. The upgrades and refurbishing at the Country Club and Highlands add a true sense of elegance to our lovely community.

Thanks again to the Bella Vista team.

Fairways & Greens!

Kenny Piel

Bella Vista


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