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LETTER: Living in a communist country

February 10, 2021 at 5:24 a.m.

I just read the letter from Jim Parsons but do disagree on a few points. Right now, at this writing, we do live in a communist country, ruled by fiat (executive orders). Our nation's capital is currently patrolled and guarded by armed National Guard and the seat of the government is ruled by a single party, the democrat party. I am NOT being political per se, but this is not the political party both Jim and I grew up with. The current speaker of the house seems to have great respect for a former bartender while the democrat leader of the senate very clearly stated he would change America.

I am a decorated Vietnam Veteran (not era type) and was right in the middle of the TET offensive. I cannot, even after so many years, stand close to the Wall. Now living in a communist country has me wondering and thinking of all the white crosses in Arlington National Cemetery, all of which served, and some were killed, to protect what was once a free country. I do believe that Mr. Parsons would fully agree with the following: If either of us was cohabitating with a Chicom agent, we would be having discussions with the NSA, CIA, FBI and who knows who else and would probably have a very brief Article 32 and also a pre-determined outcome of a court-martial.

Carl Heffner

Bella Vista


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