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ACC equals dictatorship

December 29, 2021 at 4:00 a.m.

In reading the article regarding "white fences", it brings back the memory of propane tanks.

There was a time when the ACC decided that propane tanks should be hidden and had to have shrubs or other fencing to hide them. I became a recipient of letters stating that I had to comply with their edict. My tank was a small 150 gallon size and about 100 feet down over the hill beside my home. The POA/ACC inspectors at that time had to drive the wrong way around the circle to be able to see the tank. I planted some bushes up by the road and received a letter from the ACC that I now complied with their requirements.

I later heard about a homeowner in the highland that was taken to court by the ACC. The homeowner planted two very small pine trees between the tank and the road. The trees did not really hide the tank. I heard that the judge acted in the homeowner's favor.

When Bella Vista incorporated, I believe that I read an article in the Vista that Cooper no longer would support the ACC. Prior to that time the board of directors was controlled by Cooper corp. I had hoped that they would desolve the ACC corporation when the city was able to assume those responsibilities.

What has evolved is an employee controlled entity that dictates how much money they want to make without any outside control by the POA, city or the residents of Bella Vista. Based on the article in the Weekly Vista the ACC could charge a resident for an inspection on the basis of their need to inspect when there was no permit applied for. That in effect constitutes a fine when the ACC has no authority other than to file a lawsuit in court according to the covenants based on my understanding of the covenants. The fact is that the city does not need the ACC and could easily absorb their responsibilities.

We have a mini dictatorship called the ACC with no restriction on how much they charge for permits. Plus in some instances we also have to pay the city for the same permits also.

Donald Stockdale

Bella Vista

Print Headline: ACC equals dictatorship


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