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A couple of things --

We enjoy walking on the Branchwood trail, and we were there with four of our grandsons a few days ago when there was a disc golf tournament going on. Everyone we encountered along the trail was pleasant and patient, and now the boys want to get their own gear and start playing, too! Thanks to all involved.

Also, allow us to take just a couple of minutes of your time regarding the upcoming election.

We speak from personal experience when we endorse Doug Fowler for re-election to the Bella Vista City Council. Not once have we ever contacted him that he did not respond promptly with either an email, a phone call, or even a visit to our home.

He listens and asks questions and takes the time to learn just what is going on in all matters that concern those of us who call Bella Vista "home."

Doug clearly enjoys being a part of this community and has made the choice to be, not just an elected official but more of a public servant. He readily invests his time in getting to know the folks in the community, those who serve the city in other capacities, and also how the city works and what he can do to make it work better.

Bella Vista faces some unique challenges. Let's re-elect Doug Fowler so he can continue to use his experience, knowledge and energy to help our community tackle those challenges.

Ron and Linda Largent

Bella Vista

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