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Early in-person voting will begin on Oct. 19 at voting centers across Benton County.

For a list, go to the Benton County Election Commission page on the county's website.

On the Presidential ballot for Nov. 3, there are 13 different political parties who have qualified for the Arkansas ballot.

President/Vice President

In order (1-13) the parties and their presidential/vice-presidential candidates on the Benton County ballots are:

• American Solidarity Party: Brian Carroll and Amar Patel;

• Constitution Party: Don Blankenship and William Mohr;

• Democratic Party: Joseph R. Biden and Kamala Harris;

• Green Party: Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker;

• Independent candidates: Brock Pierce and Karla Ballard;

• Independent candidates: C.L. Gammon and Phil Collins;

• Independent candidates: Kanye West and Michelle Tidball;

• Independent candidates: Phil Collins and Billy Joe Packer;

• Independent candidates: Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente and Darcy G. Richardson;

• Libertarian Party: Jo Jorgensen and Jeremy "Spike" Cohen;

• Life and Liberty Party: John Richardson and Tiara Suzanne Lusk;

• Republican Party, Donald J. Trump and Michael R. Pence; and

• Socialism and Liberation Party: Gloria La Riva and Sunil Freeman.

United State Senate

There are two individuals on the ballot for the United States Senate seat in Arkansas.

They are:

• Libertarian candidate, Ricky Dale Harrington Jr., and

• Republican Senator Tom Cotton.

Third District Congress

There are three individuals in the race for the Congressional seat in the Third District of Arkansas. They are:

• Democrat Celeste Williams

• Libertarian candidate: Michael K. Kalagias and

• Republican candidate, Congressman Steve Womack.

Justices of the Peace

There are eight contested races for Justice of the Peace in Benton County out of the 15 JP Districts. Each race is listed by District Number and the way the names appear on the ballot.

• JP District 2: Republican, Ken Farmer and Democrat Elizabeth Cisneros.

• JP District 3: Democrat, Lupe Martinez and Republican Richard McKeehan.

• JP District 4: Republican Tom Allen and Democrat Jennifer Smith.

• JP District 5: Republican Justice of the Peace Carrie Perrie Smith and Democrat Shey Bland.

• JP District 8: Republican Joel Jones and Democrat Sam Shelton.

• JP District 10: Republican Renona Cowden and Democrat Kelly Boyd.

• JP District 13: Republican Justice of the Peace Kurt S. Moore and Democrat Harry Emerick.

• JP District 15: Republican Justice of the Peace Joel Edwards and Democrat Julia K. Bailey.

City Races on the Ballot

Contested city council and mayor's races on the various ballots listed by city are:

• Siloam Springs: Director Position 6: Carol K. Smiley and Nathaniel Stone; and Director Position 7: Bob Coleman and David E. Allen.

• Springdale: Ward 1, Pos. 2: Randall Harriman and Mayra Carrillo; Ward 3, Pos. 2: Jeff Watson and Tyler Smalling; Ward 4, Pos. 2: Mark Fougerousse, Derek VanVost and Kathy Jaycox. Ms. Jaycox has withdrawn from the race.

• Gravette: Ward 1, Pos. 2: Shane Hargrave and Council Member Jeff Davis.

• Cave Springs: Recorder/Treasurer: Incumbent Kimberly Hutcheson and Rebecca L. Montesa; Ward 3, Post 2: Larry Fletcher and Liz Hendricks.

• Bella Vista: Ward 1, Pos. 1: Linda Lloyd and Justice of the Peace Jerry Snow; Ward 2, Pos. 1: Christian Henning, John Nuttal, Alderman James "Jim" Wozniak and Charles Flanary; Ward 3, Pos. 1: Council member Doug Fowler and JB Portillo.

• Bentonville: Ward 1, Pos. 1: Bonnie Adams, Council member Tim Robinson and Jerry D. Wigniton; Ward 1, Pos. 2: Dylan Shaddox, Gayatri Agnew, Jeff Wallin, Elle Jackson, and Jeff Matkins; Ward 2, Pos. 1: Council member Cindy Acree and Philip Riley. Ward 3, Pos. 2: Bobby Wilson, Council member W. P. "Bill" Burckhardt and Kesha M. Chiappinelli.

• Centerton: Ward 1, Pos. 1: Justin Rushing and council member Misty Elam; Ward 1, Pos. 2: Council member Robin M. Reed, Amy Rochette and James Garton; Ward 2, Pos. 2: Council member Josie Reed and Joshua Hulett.

• Lowell: Ward 1, Pos. 1: Thomas P. Evers and William Adams; Ward 3, Pos. 1: Lisa Estes, Shawn Benk and Kendell Stucki; Ward 4, Pos. 1: Ron Mead and Steve Whitehead.

• Pea Ridge: Ward 1, Pos. 1: Merrill W. White and Jesse Fryer.

• Rogers: Ward 1, Pos. 2: Council member Mark Kruger and Aaron Clarke; Ward 3, Pos. 2: Jerry Carmichael and April Legere.

There are now 20 days until the Nov. 3 General Election.


Maylon Rice is a former journalist who worked for several northwest Arkansas publications. He can be reached via email at [email protected] Opinions expressed are those of the author.

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