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— Janice “Jan” Sims, Sandy Fosdick and David Brandenburg each won a three-year term on the Bella Vista POA Board of Directors on Tuesday. The POA annual membership meeting took place online and was only 2o minutes long. It was live-streamed.

The results of the 2020 board election were announced by Election Committee chairman Tom Throne. Each lot in the POA receives one vote for each of the three seats and owners of 33.61 percent of all lots participated.

Sandy Fosdick won the most votes with 6,258. The second-largest number of votes went to incumbent David Brandenburg — 6,050 votes. Jan Sims also won a seat with 5,697 seats.

Three candidates received more than 5,000 votes but didn’t win a seat. John Hudec received 5,417 votes. Joy Thomas Sawyer received 5,285 votes and John Goodman Jr. received 5,105.

Voting took place online and through the mail for about a month. There is still one vacancy on the board since Steve McKee was removed from his position last week. After the new members start on June 1, the new board will appoint a replacement for McKee to serve until the 2021 board election.

General News on 05/20/2020

Print Headline: Results of board election live-streamed on Tuesday

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