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What is so difficult about wearing a mask when you are out around other people. I read with great interest about Allen's grocery store's efforts to protect from covid-19. Thanks for the effort, but why isn't every employee and manager wearing a mask?

On a visit to Allen's this week, my wife asked Steve Morrow this question. His response was that "he is there 10 hours a day and can't wear a mask all day." Why not? I made a stop at the UPS store in Bentonville this week and not one employee was wearing a mask. The owner happened to be there at the time and I asked him the same question and his response was to shrug his shoulders.

Harp's grocery store, on the other hand, is doing everything Allen's is doing but all employees are wearing masks. I would estimate nearly half the people, including parents with children, I encounter aren't wearing masks. What is the big deal? It is the simplest thing you can do to protect yourself and others. We will not be shopping at Allen's until this thing is over, nor will I use UPS. So can anyone provide an explanation that makes sense about this?

Mike DeShon

Bella Vista

Editorial on 05/20/2020

Print Headline: I Don't Get It

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