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The POA golf director made a statement that the POA is thinking about returning to two players per golf cart with masks, maybe as early as July 1, not 100 percent official at this time. This is not a good idea! The governor and other federal health officials are telling everyone to maintain social distancing of 6 feet apart whether inside or outside. How can riding in a golf cart be an exception? It's not possible with that close of contact with another person, someone different each time you play, and you have no idea where or with whom they may have been in contact.

Most of our weekly group players are considered at the highest risk of contacting covid-19. If your wife or husband should contract covid-19 and have serious complications or die, is the POA going to accept responsibility because it wanted two players to a cart for convenience? I don't think so.

My understanding is that players riding separately over the past couple of months is working as an advantage for the courses, play is averaging three and a half hours compared with over four hours before. Players like it. If Golf Operations does not have enough carts, then a solution would be to get with the cart supplier (Club Car) and request additional carts on a temporary program (through October). In the winter, we would not need them. By next summer, covid-19 may be a thing of the past.

Bottom Line: No two players to a cart!

Tommy Freytag

Bella Vista

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