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No to Phase 2

The Bella Vista golf department is currently finalizing the implementation of Phase 2 plans for our golf courses to be effective July 1, 2020. Among these is a return to two-person carts with riders wearing masks and eight-minute intervals between tee times. Many of us feel the Phase 1 restrictions, one-person carts and 13-minute intervals, have sped up our rounds and generally made golf more enjoyable. Beyond the enjoyment factor, there are serious health issues at stake. Kelli Lawrence, supervisor of golf operations, has advised: "We will follow the direction of the governor and the PGA."

Arkansas, especially northwest counties of Benton and Washington, are currently considered "hot spots" due to the increase in covid-19 cases. Covid-19 will not be gone by July 1, 2020. I for one don't want to put my health in the hands of state government, let alone the PGA.

I urge everyone to give this some thought and, if you agree, contact Kelli Lawrence at [email protected] and Daryl Muldoon at [email protected]

Mike DeShon

Bella Vista, AR

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