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The BV city council is contemplating adopting a 20 year strategic plan. The proposed plan was made accessible from the city website for public review and feedback on June 15.

At 132 pages, it is a lot to consume. So I offer these comments to help clarify what this plan is and is not. These are my own thoughts.

The proposed plan is entirely conceptual and strategic. It sets forth a broad vision for what is possible in our fair village in the years to come.

The highest potential for the plan, which may or may not be realized even if adopted by the city, would be to serve the city, POA, developers, landowners and citizens as a reference map toward one possible vision of the future.

If the plan inspires cooperation and partnership among Bella Vista stakeholders toward a vision that is supportable by the majority of our residents, then the plan has value.

The proposed plan, if adopted, does not obligate or authorize the city of BV to set forth on any investment for plan elements.

Any of the scores of potential projects referenced in the plan will have to stand individually on their own merits for approval in the future. There is no de facto approval such as "it's in the plan, so it's already approved."

The proposed plan, if adopted, does not obligate or authorize local developers or investors to pursue any of the scores of potential projects conceptualized in the plan. Developers and landowners make such investment decisions on their own accord.

The proposed plan, if adopted, does not obligate or authorize the POA to take any action whatsoever. The BV POA can act independently of the plan at any time. POA can support or reject elements of the plan at its sole discretion.

Planning is a fundamental practice for any on-going concern: cities, businesses, associations, etc. Even in the best-run cities and companies, strategic plans are merely a best effort to set a vision for the future. They don't authorize or obligate anyone.


Steve Bourke

Member, Bella Vista City Council

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