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Here we go again. Let's increase the POA dues for property owners by 50% and $2 for lot owners. By doing this, we can reduce the fees for some of our amenities. Before we go there and put this up for a general vote, let's take a look at the p/l on each and every amenity starting with the golf courses, which by any generally accepted accounting practice, should be listed as individual line items. They either make a profit, break even or operate at a loss. If they operate at a loss, then shut them down ... period.

Let's talk about the lakes and usage thereof, lake rangers, etc., and their legal authority to do anything. Yes, you have to cross POA property to get to a lake but, once you are on or in the water, what, if anything, can they legally do considering that the water is owned by the State of Arkansas. Bella Vista is not Pinnacle and never will be, so get over the idea of asking for more money unless and until you can give a full accounting of why money was spent to purchase landlocked property from Cooper, money spent to put out a fire on an illegal stump dump which was operated sans state and federal permits, allowing the general public to trespass on POA common property on trails and bicycle paths, and fully account for what and where the reserve fund was spent.

Take a hard look at the expenses of the POA campground, which you claim is operated at a profit. Rack rates for a KOA or Good Sam parks with full hookups e.g. water, sewer, electric and Wi-Fi are usually $50 per night. Further, if the stay is in excess of two weeks, there is an electric meter involved, thus extra charges for usage of same. There are some lot owners that winter in our campground. In case you are not familiar with the modern RV's, they are fully equipped with washers and dryers, heat pumps, multiple televisions and these 'winter lot owners' also use electric space heaters instead of using propane.

POA board members, get your act together before asking for this increase. Learn how to cut expenses and simply live with the funds coming in. Take a very hard look at current payroll expenses to include the salary of our fearless leader whose salary is more than that of the mayors of Fayetteville, Rogers and Bentonville.

Carl Hefner

Bella Vista

Editorial on 09/04/2019

Print Headline: Here we go again!

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