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The recent letter to the editor written by Paul Poulides expresses the reasons that the board has had to make cuts to the operating budget of the recycling center. The prices that he quoted for the cost of materials we sell for the operation of the center and charitable donations were correct. Mr. Poulides, was negligent in that he failed to mention the fact that the city of Bella Vista has aided the recycling center to continue to operate efficiently for several years and that is my reason for writing this letter.

As president of the Bella Vista Recycling Foundation, I wish to thank the city of Bella Vista and taxpayers (city and county) for their financial assistance obtaining grants through Benton County Solid Waste in purchasing needed equipment for our operation.

These grants have helped the recycling center to purchase trailers, trucks, balers, forklifts and recently a large quantity shredder for use in the day-to-day operation of this facility. These grants have enabled the center to provide funds for the charitable donations made in the past.

The Recycling Center intends to continue to operate with the assistance of volunteers and citizens and businesses bringing recyclables for as long as possible and is feasible monetarily to provide this community service.

This board hopes that everyone will continue to REDUCE - REUSE - RECYCLE!

Richard Rooney, president

Bella Vista Recycling Foundation

Editorial on 10/30/2019

Print Headline: Recycle center clarification

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