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Dear Property Owners Association,

Please explain to me why a community of 35,000 residents pays a general manager $272,000 per year when the starting salary of a mayor of a community of 35,000 residents in the USA average pay is $57,000 per year (Google). If you add in the city of Bella Vista's mayor salary of $100,000, the residents of Bella Vista are paying almost $400,000 for governance to a community of 35,000 people.

Look at the maintenance department head for the POA. He makes $122,000 per year. His counterpart at the city of Bella Vista makes $100,000, so a community of 35,000 residents pays over $200,000 to maintenance department heads. Food and beverage manager makes $160,000 per year to inventory beer and soda to 1 and 1/2 restaurants that lose a million dollars per year for the POA. The general manager makes eight times the going rate of a community to govern 35,000 people anywhere in the USA. Every department head working for the POA makes four times the national average. Add Mr. Judson's salary with the top five managers of the POA and they make over $800,000 per year to be POA department heads to govern a community of 35,000 residents -- this is very, very excessive!

Now you've stuck your hand out asking for an increase to our annual assessment. Never once have you looked at expenses -- not once!

Please explain why.

Robert Stock

Bella Vista

Editorial on 10/09/2019

Print Headline: POA pays excessive salaries

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