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Originally the plan was to hold a gathering at the Bella Vista American Legion and box all collected items for shipment. However, the project wasn't as successful as I had hoped it would be and we did not collect a large number of items. As a result, I have made an "executive decision" to turn the items over to a group in Rogers called Socks and Cookies. They will be added to whatever that group has amassed and sent along with their mailings.

On Socks and Cookies' website,, it states that they "provide (our deployed troops) with a piece of home while they are away from their family and friends."

I do want to take this opportunity to thank every person who donated to this project. As a veteran who served overseas many years ago, I know first-hand what it means to get those "care packages" from home. You have never tasted anything so good in your life until, as a military member, tens of thousands of miles from home, you get a box of chocolate chip cookies. They were always broken into a million pieces, but we didn't care. They were heaven to us. And I know that the donations we are about to send will have the same impact on the men and women who receive them.

If you did not have a chance to donate, or you wish to continue to do so, I suggest you visit the website for Socks and Cookies and do it there. It doesn't matter who you partner with as long as the supplies end up in the hands of our troops.

God bless our troops and God bless America.

Douglas Grant

Bella Vista

Editorial on 11/20/2019

Print Headline: Collection for troops ended Veterans Day

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