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I finally have to agree that we have no benefits of POA membership that are not available to the general public. Anybody can fish in our "private, well stocked" lakes. Anybody can swim in Lake Avalon by simply paying to do so. Persons coming from wherever can park their vehicles anywhere, unload their bicycles and simply take off ... try parking in the Blowing Springs parking lot. Golf is open to the general public at discounted rates and the real kick in the teeth is the very real possibility that only us, the POA property owners, will be held liable for the costs to clean up the mess for operating an illegal "stump dump." The POA cannot use the excuse of not knowing the operation of same as they advertised same, used POA equipment and employees to push debris into a ravine. The word illegal is very important, as I believe the POA has legal counsel and, as such, said should have been aware of both state and federal laws regarding the permits required to operate same. Yes, we POA members will probably have a benefit that the general public does not have, ergo the liability for the illegal operation of a "stump dump." If our elected POA board has spent all of our funds, are we, the POA members, liable for any fines coming down the pike? Liens against our properties?

Carl Heffner

Bella Vista

Editorial on 05/08/2019

Print Headline: Property liens?

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