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I would like to thank the POA and the golf committee for having the citizen input meeting in May regarding the future of the Brittany Golf Course. It was good that we had a large turnout of people but not good that so many found it necessary to scream and yell and disrupt the presenters and prevent people from calmly presenting their comments. Disrespecting your neighbors is no way to act.

There were many people who left early and/or left disgusted that their thoughts and ideas were not able to be heard. I built my home four years ago on Brittany golf course and am undecided about which way I would vote given the opportunity to do so.

One table reporter said that "No one in this room wants a park."

Well, that is not entirely true. I talked to many folks who think a passive park (meaning a park without basketball or disc golf or bike skills ramps, etc.) would be quite wonderful.

It was said many times that Bella Vista is a golf community -- again not so true. Less than 18% of the people in Bella Vista actually golf and many of those play less than five times a year. Bella Vista is an amenities-based community with a wide range of recreational opportunities.

For the people who suggested that "outsiders" should not be able to use our golf courses, where exactly do you expect the $1 million they brought in to come from if they were not playing the courses?

Note that homes located on a passive park would sell well for at least as much as golf front homes (and with no golf balls hitting your home).

After listening to everyone raving about the benefits of the Brittany golf course, I wondered why the rounds were so low. Except for the 9-hole ladies group, how many of the people talking so wonderfully about the course actually play there regularly?

This reminded me of when a restaurant closes and people fuss but then say, "Well, yes, I was there once last year."

If you want to keep amenities, whether recreational or business related, then you need to patronize these places to make sure they stay!

Thanks again to the golf committee for its willingness to receive our input.

Linda Lloyd

Bella Vista

Editorial on 06/05/2019

Print Headline: Golf Committee Meeting about Brittany

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