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I was angry! I had written an article to the newspaper and my computer failed to send! Now another writer stole my thunder; Ron Wood is a preacher too. He wrote some of what I wanted to write, but I can add to it.

Now! Our nation was founded as a Christian nation, most immigrants were Christian in one style or another. Many omit that God made them Christian. Adam and Eve, created to be perfect, by a perfect God, had free will to be good or evil. Soon they chose evil and found they now could do only evil and could not be perfectly pleasing to God.

God promised an escape by his mercy and love. After many decades, God fulfilled that promise in His Son Jesus. "He took on human flesh so that He could destroy Satan and deliver those who all their life time were slaves to Satan's bondage of death and fear and guilt," Hebrews 2.

Since Jesus, the cry has gone out into the world, "Repent and believe the Gospel," and has been God's new life and gift to our nation for over two centuries unto "whosoever believes." It is this liberty and consequent freedom that our service people in all their sectors, along with the citizens, defend even unto death.

We have never been perfect, many do not believe. "The devil as a fearful lion seeks whom he may devour." Especially for the last 50 years, the lion of evil madly threatens our freedom. The death of Communism threatened, "We will defeat you from within." Their war cry is heard on our public campuses. The homes and parents are often found wordless, the silent majority, unable to stand against evil.

The nation's citizens are being choked by luxury. Some say there is no need for God, to follow God's law thankfully with fear and love. Satan has, however, met his Master. The creative Word of God, the "Word is God" and calls all people to repent and believe. This is God's word which will be with us on judgment day and says, "come enter into the joy of your Lord."

Not to get political, but Christians live out their faith in politics or government. God, in Christ Jesus, is stronger than the money of corruption "that talks," stronger than the lies, angry name calling, stronger than emotions of what "I want" rather than "speaking truth to power." God is in heaven ruling the world either in blessing or condemning or chastening. either for good through his people or failure through unbelief, sin, selfishness, lust for power and the love of the here and now. "Choose this day whom you will serve," Joshua 24.

Robert Miskimen

Bella Vista

Editorial on 01/30/2019

Print Headline: What a Nation!

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