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A campaign promise

Wall or no wall, that seems to be the key issue which caused the government shutdown. As I remember, the wall was a campaign promise that was key to Trump being elected President, and it should stand or fall with Trump, dependent on the results of that election.

That is to say, the very same democratic process that elected Trump to be president clearly signifies that a wall was approved based upon the outcome of that election because Trump made it known that this requirement was front and central to his being elected. For Democrats to ignore this fact is simply another indication of their being sore losers and caring more about being "against Trump" than complying with what the democratic process has proven voters are in favor of! I personally hope that Trump does not budge on his position until hell freezes over!

If Congress had done its jobs in the past, the president would not even have the option of holding the out-of-control spending over its head to enforce a shutdown in the first place. Congress failed in its responsibilities to control spending and to approve reasonable annual budgets for the past 20 years or longer, so Congress is therefore responsible for creating the current situation where the president has the power to intervene in the budget approval process to begin with. It is this legacy of the Democrats and Congress as a whole that is essentially responsible for the current government shutdown! They have no one to blame but themselves, the lying, cheating, greedy, self-serving thieves they are has come back to haunt them; thank God for Trump bringing these facts out in the open, making it so clear for everyone to see!

Please realize, the taxes on incremental profits to companies from replacing NAFTA will be available to pay for the wall over time, therefore Mexico and Canada are therefore indirectly paying for the new wall due to Trump's effective trade negotiations. I honestly doubt the Democrats in Congress are intelligent enough to understand this or they would have stated their case against the cost of the wall very differently.

Those of you against Trump on this matter belong to a group of sore losers who are causing serious harm to our country as a whole, and to hundreds of thousands of government workers. You should reconsider your position and side with our country which is simply taking whatever measures are required to enforce our existing immigration laws. Also, please realize that if you count the incremental revenue to our federal government from the increased tariffs Trump has levied on goods imported from China, well then, the wall has already been paid for several times over!

James Linder

Bella Vista

Editorial on 02/06/2019

Print Headline: A campaign promise

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