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On Aug. 4 my wife and I purchased some textbooks and art supplies for my daughter's home school curriculum from Amazon. When we were checking out, we were charged taxes for these purchases. I called customer service and was told that the textbooks and art supplies were not covered by the tax-free weekend. I also looked up the same items on and they were also charging tax.

Feeling this was odd, I reached out to an Arkansas legislator and the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, they confirmed that textbooks and art supplies should have been covered under the tax-free weekend and they have opened a case to investigate this.

I reached back out to Amazon and told them what was going on, and they escalated the issue to a higher level. About a week later, I have now received my tax money back for these school purchases.

If you purchased school supplies for your child during the tax-free weekend and were charged tax, please let me know. If you aren't comfortable letting someone else know, at a minimum call the retailer that charged you tax and let them know that Arkansas DFA has a case open. I can pretty much assure you they will yield.

I will keep pressing on this with DFA because it appears that businesses are not honoring the tax-free weekend and the people of Arkansas need to be aware of this. Arkansas has the highest sales tax in the country at 9.47%

Joseph Bollinger

Bella Vista

Editorial on 08/28/2019

Print Headline: Taxes charged on tax-free weekend

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