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First, for your foresight, wisdom and courage in securing the best solution to the fire. The stump dump provided a place for trees, branches and clippings from the 36,000 wooded acres that make up Bella Vista rather than dumping or burning all over the community. The fire appeared 18 months after the POA covered the site, ended the lease and withdrew. The city is responsible for fire protection. You're responsible for protecting and improving amenities for the enjoyment of members and guests. But you're the ones who stepped up and did what was best for all of us. No toxic materials were found, or hazardous air identified. You found the answer to secure our public health, wellbeing, lifestyle and economic interests.

Secondly, thank you for your continued vision and perseverance. Our golf courses are full this summer. Our lakes and facilities are bursting with happy people. Both Lakepoint and BV had record months in June, with both operating in the black and ahead of the schedule anticipated when making the investments.

When we first walked into a dilapidated Scotsdale clubhouse 10 years ago, a disheveled guy in blue jeans remained in his chair, looking at us like "who are you and what do you want?" Contrast that with today's beautiful, professionally managed attractions. Branchwood is rejuvenated and thriving, as are the beach, lakes, trails, playgrounds and clubhouses. Lakepoint sparkles. The Country Club is iconic and without peer. Home values climb. None of this is by accident; it's all a result of a positive vision and excellent management.

We live in a divisive age. Republicans vs. Democrats. Golfers vs. Bikers. Members vs. Guests. Conspiracy theories. Distort or invent "facts" to fit a narrative and repeat them. Find words that spark emotion. Despite this, you continue to represent all of us and our diverse interests.

Some continue stubbornly, and malignantly, with rhetoric against the very elected people who step forward and shoulder the burden of assuring the value of our properties and the appeal of our community.

You understand your position is one of service, not politics. Political posturing and pithy, divisive slogans would only diminish your value. Bella Vista is a large, non-exclusive, diverse place for tens of thousands of property owners and guests. Without constant recruiting and inviting guests to become members, we will shrivel rather than thrive. Our open arms will assure prosperity. Our raised middle fingers would assure demise.

Golf is growing again in America, with "baby boomer" generation golfers growing from 3.6 to 4.2 million over the past year. Plus, those interested in trails, fitness, boating, fishing and, of course, dining. Bella Vista is the place for all of us. It's the greatest and most economical place to live on the planet. But we can never take it for granted. There are those, however misguided, who will try to diminish or destroy it. Effective, visionary people must continue to step forward so that doesn't happen.

Thank you.

Ron Stratton and Bob Brooks

Bella Vista

Editorial on 08/07/2019

Print Headline: Thank you, POA board and management

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