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If one reads between the lines over the last three years, especially the lines authored by the administration, it is apparent that the intent has been to close Berksdale from the start. It has been said by some that the reason the greens were removed was to increase the cost of restoration of the 18 holes to make it more cost-prohibitive to do so.

The money spent on getting an early proposal to repair the creek banks to prevent flooding damage and restore the 18 hole course was just a lot of "smoke," as proven by the non-selection of this very good option. It never had a chance.

Done properly, this project would have worked but was never planned to happen. Keeping nine holes open was just a delay waiting for the next flood. Now since it has occurred and new proposals made, the course will be closed as has been planned since the beginning.

Too bad to close one of the top two courses desired by members!

Of course, who cares what the members think?

Jay Soule

Bella Vista

Editorial on 08/07/2019

Print Headline: Berksdale Golf Course

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