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The Bella Vista POA will elect new board members this spring. We have three members, two running for reelection, and one former board member, who were board members when the current CEO (general manager) was hired.

My issue is the total compensation we pay our CEO.

I believe that $272,000 is excessive compensation for that position. That is not a rumor I heard; it came from the POA website and was on our 2017 IRS tax form 990. Most likely, he made more in 2018.

If someone can find a position with similar responsibilities that pays that amount, I am sure the current CEO would be interested in applying for the position.

Critics will say he has done great things. I counter he has made upgrades by remodeling some outdated facilities. Some were needed, yes, but $12-plus million was spent. Was it wise? You choose when you vote for our board members.

Ken Needs

Bella Vista

Editorial on 04/17/2019

Print Headline: Choose wisely

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