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I just want to say, thank you, POA management, for trying so hard to make Bella Vista even better than it already is. I am tired of hearing and reading complaints about what is being done by leaders like Tom Judson. I am tired of people not voting for a slight increase in our monthly POA dues and am tired of all those who cannot see how the community is changing. Without progress and improvements, things start to die.

It is so nice to now have an upscale restaurant for out-of-town visitors to admire or a place to celebrate special occasions. As well, we love the new BV Bar and Grill and the wonderful new look of the country club.

For those who have not seen the improvements in Branchwood, take time to walk through and see for yourself.

Most of us realize Riordan Hall has seen better days and needs to be gutted so a new center can be built before the entire building crumbles. Yes, this will take money, but nothing in life is free,

We are lucky to have our golf courses being kept in good repair and the wonderful improvements at Lake Avalon.

I only have one complaint, which has to do with us card players. Right now, it seems some of the administration doesn't seem to comprehend how much the tradition of card playing is in Bella Vista and how hard it is to find a place where we can play cards and enjoy lunch at the same time. I hope that one of these days a solution can be found, and sooner rather than later.

My one complaint does not change my feelings about how much I appreciate the POA and the management team. Keep up the good work, ladies and gentlemen.

Nita McKelvey

Bella Vista

Editorial on 09/12/2018

Print Headline: Letter to Editor

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