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In the Aug. 29 issue of the "Weekly Vista," the author of a letter to the editor implies that, without Mr. Judson's magnificent leadership, Bella Vista would be "a run-down, dowdy old town." I can only surmise that this perception of Bella Vista is shared by Mr. Judson and his board of minions. While I admire the writer's candor, I'm a bit surprised that he said it. Most people have the good sense to avoid saying these kinds of things out loud.

The writer goes on to say that anyone who disagrees with Mr. Judson's dystopic vision of Bella Vista is a "whiner" who should "pack your bags" and leave town.

It's interesting that this writer has the same name as a person who was charged with two counts of misdemeanor theft when he was caught stealing Jim Parson's "Vote No" signs during the last assessment increase election in 2016. I won't embarrass him by using his name, but you can easily look it up.

The author of the letter goes on to extol the virtues of a new community center and even suggests adding another story to the already-garish building. But at no point does he mention that Riordan Hall already has many of the features that are being touted in the proposed new building, nor does he address the astonishing $14 million price tag to be paid by the membership.

I strongly support the author's right to say any foolish thing he wants. In fact, I encourage him and other Judson lackeys to continue doing so. It only helps the membership understand the mindset of the people squandering our money and making poor decisions. In stark contrast, the letter writer believes that anyone who doesn't go along with Mr. Judson should just shut up and move to another town.

Unfortunately, the author of this letter exemplifies the "by any means necessary" attitude displayed by Mr. Judson and his board of groupies on a regular basis. They have their own agenda, they refuse to listen to the majority of the membership, and they are once again attempting to pit the membership against each other. They have 700 votes and seemingly endless piles of our cash to rig the upcoming election.

But we, the membership, have the ultimate power. We have our vote, and we must use it.

Just say no!

Kevin Dooley

Bella Vista

Editorial on 09/12/2018

Print Headline: By any means necessary

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