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The POA is at it again, trying to pick our pockets with another proposed assessment increase! What have they done with the money they had? Have you seen any improvements anywhere? Maybe a new putting green, or a new sand trap, or how about this, a study that cost us thousands of dollars to find out that "yes" water runs down hill, and "yes" water will flood the golf courses because its located below the water source!

The POA Management have admitted that they have nearly spent all of the reserve funds that we have. Do you think maybe, just maybe, the management team is trying to create as much debt as possible to try to force an assessment increase? $12 to $14 million for a new rec center? With their spending habits that 12 to 14 million would quickly become 18 to 20 million.

They can barely create enough revenue with the facilities we have now to keep them open, just where would they come up with enough revenue to justify spending 12 million dollars? From us is where, the POA Members, thru membership dues.

Just what would happen if their spending habits exceed the POA revenue income?

What would be the legal ramifications be if the POA fails to meet their financial duties? Would that debt fall back on us, the POA Members?

What do you think would happen to the value of your home if you received a special assessment against your home for thousands of dollars?

With the reckless spending of good money after bad, over this stupid golf issue and flood study, and their secretiveness on not opening the books to the members to show an accounting for every dollar taken in, I definitely vote "NO" to any kind of assessment increase!

Mike Kane

Bella Vista

Editorial on 09/12/2018

Print Headline: Bella Vista Beware

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In following the reports on various media sites, I totally agree with every word you stated, Let us STOP the free flow of monies into an independent POA system until there is true accountability. I vote NO also!

Posted by: watsonsusanneaolcom

September 15, 2018 at 5:21 a.m. ( | suggest removal )