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Looking out the window several days ago, I saw a pickup truck pulled over near our home bordering on Kingsland. I watched curiously to see what the driver was doing as he walked along the strip bordering this busy road. He was picking up trash that had been thoughtlessly scattered, a problem my wife and I had been experiencing to some little degree.

Before I could get out the door to thank him, this good Samaritan was back in his truck and driving off.

I do not know if this fellow was pro POA proposals or against some of the POA proposals. I do know he was a responsible member of our community.

We have good people in Bella Vista with diverging views about the direction our community should be taking. That someone may differ from you does not make him evil incarnate, and a little civility could go a long way.

One can be a zealous advocate for his views and remain civil and reasoned.

Al Clark

Bella Vista

Editorial on 10/31/2018

Print Headline: Bella Vista has good people

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