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I attended the POA board meeting and was shocked at the derogatory and vicious comments by many of the people in attendance -- our POA board members are volunteers who work for the community.

For years, I have attended POA work sessions and committee meetings when the only people in the audience were me and the Vista reporter. Last Spring at the POA Board Candidate forum, where you could come to learn about the candidates that would steer your association, maybe 20 members of the public attended.

At last night's meeting, Pat Laury very ably talked about communication being a two-way street in which the board cannot listen to people who do not show up and make themselves heard.

I certainly cannot understand people who spend their life being negative without offering some constructive suggestions -- what a terrible way to live!

I cannot understand someone who puts down the POA for advertising Bella Vista as a destination, yet fails to see the irony that they moved here less than two years ago, thus making it their "destination."

I cannot understand someone who complains loudly that they are not being heard, yet will not allow you to respond to questions without interrupting you.

Had I been a prospective resident at last night's meeting, I would have run screaming from the room -- the comments even made me think that I surely do not want to invest in this community. But later last night, after reflecting on the meeting and also on the nine hours of Senate "hearings" on TV yesterday, I see that what has been happening in Bella Vista is just a small microcosm of the national attitude. People have been empowered to say whatever they think, to attack people personally, to abandon civility and common decency, to live in a toxic stew of negativity and almost hatred.

Whatever your political persuasion, this is not good for any of us, and I am extremely sad to see it infesting Bella Vista -- whatever happened to sitting down and debating issues with your ears open? Whatever happened to living together and respecting everyone's viewpoints?

It was not easy to for me to watch and listen to the personal attacks on the board and Tom -- I have to move forward knowing that, in the end, common sense and decency will win out and we will be able to move forward in a positive way to continue Bella Vista as an extraordinarily special place where everyone can enjoy life.

Linda Lloyd

Bella Vista

Editorial on 10/10/2018

Print Headline: What has happened to civility?

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