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As I begin to think about election day, a new Garth Brooks song pops into my head. Yes, I am about to emulate the lyrics that this Oklahoma crooner brings to mind.

His newest song is given a title other than the wave after wave of lyrics about the catchy phrases of "...somebody's got to..." do this or that.

I speak of his latest hit, "All Day Long."

Election time, it seems, always brings out the "bodys" as in somebody's gotta do this or do that.

Just stay with me, it might be a bit before some out there catch on.

So here we go in the key of C.

Somebody says it's time to be voting.

Somebody knows the candidates are running.

Somebody says the yard signs are out there.

And somebody says the politicians are talking all around the county line.

Nobody disputes it is time for the midterm elections.

Everybody has heard too much out of Washington, D.C.

Somebody's on every radio show and television show.

Somebody's on my iPhone and even your Facebook.

Somebody wants you to see them smile.

Somebody wants you to care.

Somebody wants you to vote for them.

Nobody, today, it seems, wants to listen to you.

Nobody takes the time to think about what they are saying.

And everybody, yes, everybody, has an opinion.

Somebody wants to be heard.

Somebody wants to be seen.

Somebody often just yells louder.

Somebody just gets a bigger bullhorn.

Often that somebody just gets a bigger message.

Nobody really wants to be transparent.

Nobody wants to really ban guns.

Everybody wants everybody to be safe.

But nobody has the answer how.

Everybody has a "brain trust" of friends.

Everybody wants the candidates to be nice and fair.

Somebody knows how all those voters will react to a statement, a fact, a policy opinion or even the body language of the politician.

Nobody out there wants to make anybody mad.

Everybody wants to look their best.

Everybody wants to drop big names.

Nobody wants anyone to admit they are not their friend.

Nobody wants to admit the guilt of not knowing a face, a name.

And nobody wants to say anything of substance.

Everybody wants lower taxes.

Everybody wants their tax exemptions left alone.

Everybody wants better schools.

Everybody wants safer schools.

But nobody wants to pay more taxes.

Everybody wants the local folks left alone.

Nobody wants Uncle Sam's help.

But not everybody knows how this can happen.

Everybody wants better roads and a better economy.

Nobody, it seems, believes that a strong government is needed to reach those goals.

Anybody can, of course, run for public office.

Anybody can say they are the one.

Nobody wants to think that on election night -- it won't be anything but fun.

Everybody wants to run on their own record.

Nobody wants to run on an imaginary record, for a job they have never held if only just given the chance by the voters on election night.

Everybody wants to let you know where they live, where they work and what a great job they can do for you.

Nobody wants to admit to themselves or the voters -- they are just looking for a salaried job.

Nobody is going to tell you they don't like the current Governor (who is also running for re-election) or the President (who is not running for re-election this November) -- well, nobody, with any common sense.

Everybody is going to tell you they are listening to the voters.

Everybody's going to tell you they will be back home all the time.

Nobody is going to tell a politician you don't understand what they are telling you.

Everybody who is running wants be nice.

But not everybody will be nice.

Not everyone tells the truth.

Nobody it seems wants you to think anything less.

Everybody tells you they will vote for you.

But nobody, with any political sense, believes this.

Well, somebody's gotta do something.

Early voting begins Oct. 22.

• • •

Maylon Rice is a former journalist who worked for several northwest Arkansas publications. He can be reached via email at Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Editorial on 10/10/2018

Print Headline: Early voting starts Oct. 22; only a few days until election

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