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Private cart trail fee increase

At the POA board meeting on Nov. 15, a proposed trail fee increase for those of us who have private carts was on the agenda. The private cart owners were not against an increase in trail fees. What they are against is that the board was increasing the fee for private cart owners and not for those who have a POA seat lease. This is wrong and they had an opportunity to make it right, however, they chose to vote to increase the fee for private cart owners only. The motion was printed in the pass out, just how to word the motion. -- already decided by the board before the meeting. Where is the due diligence and responsibility to the members? Certainly not that evening!

One board member stated that they had checked with several other golf courses about their trail fee comparisons and found that private cart and seat lease fees were similar in cost. First one would not be that naive to believe that our golf operations are equal to those of a country club. Those that belong to a country club could care less what they charge for a private cart or seat lease. If the board believes that we are of country-club class, then we should charge those outside guests country club guest fees, such as Pinnacle, $92 on weekdays and $128 on weekends.

Information by the board for seat lease fees for one of the country club's was in incorrect, the cost stated was only for nine months If you annualized it for a full year, the cost is $280 more for a single seat and two or more is $330, some 25 percent higher than a private cart. Comparing our golf operations with that of country clubs is like comparing apples and oranges!

Our golfing community has enjoyed the friendship and compassion over the past 30-plus years but, with the board decision, it will more likely divide that relationship.

Tommy Freytag

Bella Vista

Editorial on 11/28/2018

Print Headline: Letter to Editor

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