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story.lead_photo.caption Lynn Atkins/The Weekly Vista Rich Wilens is happy to explain the health benefits of CBD products at his new store on Bella Vista Way.

Rich Wilens used to use opioids for his pain from arthritis, spinal stenosis, sciatica and crushed vertebrae, but when the VA wouldn't renew his prescription, he had to look elsewhere for relief. He found CBD oil.

"Now I can tap dance or wear high heels," he said, laughing. He believes CBD products are perfect for people in his age group with aches and pains.

"I'm an educator," he explained. He loves to tell people how to use his products.

"I've got two GEDs" he joked, "A general education diploma and a Google education diploma."

CBD comes from hemp, he explained. It's closely related to marijuana, but it's not the same plant. He sells both CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD, which actually contains a small amount of THC. THC is the compound that gets marijuana users high, although not the tiny amount in his products.

While the full spectrum CBD won't get you high, it could show up on a drug test, Wilens said. He always warns his customers about the possibility of a positive drug test if they use full spectrum CBD.

CBD isolate is only the CBD and won't register on a drug test. CBD products have been legal in all 50 states since the 2014 Farm Bill legalized hemp.

Both isolate and full spectrum are used for a variety of symptoms, including pain relief, seizures, inflammation and anxiety.

CBD comes in several forms, including pills, gummies and an oil that Wilens assembles himself using pure olive oil with a high polyphenol content. Polyphenol has its own own health benefits, he explained.

The best way to use CBD might be to vape it, he said, referring to the use of an electronic cigarette. Vaping gets the CBD in contact with the mucous membrane where is quickly and efficiently absorbed. He has a CBD spray with melatonin and lavender that can be used for sleep issues.

He also sells dog treats. Dogs can also benefit from CBD if they have seizures, epilepsy, arthritic joints or anxiety. Dogs which are afraid of thunder or who hate to be left home alone can benefit.

There are many other CBD products, Wilens said, that he doesn't sell. He likes to keep his products basic.

He was at the Bella Vista Farmer's Market all summer and made a lot of friends there. He chose the location along Bella Vista Way because of the area's population. He believes he can help older adults with their aches and pains. His partner runs a sister store in Fayetteville, he said.

The two stores are both is good positions to become medical marijuana dispensaries when the state authorizes them. Until then, Wilens is happy to offer his CBD products.

CBD of Northwest Arkansas is located at 3401 Bella Vita Way. The store is open from "noonish" until 6 p.m. Monday to Friday.

General News on 11/07/2018

Print Headline: New store opens with a new product

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