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The midterm election is over. Americans are divided almost 50-50 between the progressive left and the conservative right. I'm reminded of the Scripture that says a house divided cannot stand. Division is dangerous when we have real enemies in the world.

We need to remind ourselves of the basis of our original unity. The colonies came together and created the United States of America. They were united by the unfair treatment of Britain toward the colonies, and by their mutual desire to create a new world with liberty and justice. How were they able to unite?

Anytime there's division, differing views need to be examined. We need to understand each other even if we don't agree. That means listening to our opponent.

A radio station in Fayetteville asked me to consider being their news manager. I worked in radio all my years in college. I've always liked journalism, reporting, writing, and especially broadcast news. It is work that I enjoy. An aspect of my way of thinking (which the station likes) is that while I'm conservative, I'm also open minded. I can see other points of view and debate them intelligently.

How can Americans bridge the gap? Should we even try? Must one side win and another side lose? I don't think we need to create losers, but we do need to create mutual understanding. If all any side has to offer is opposition or resistance, that is not a basis to stand on. It's a poor platform. To believe requires solid substance. Beliefs must be tested. Stand for something good, not just against things.

What I'm for is the essential thing designed by our Founders. I am for a federal government that defends the nation. I am for states that defend individual rights. I'm pro-faith, pro-family, and pro-civility. We are a nation of laws. The problem with a divided or ungovernable society is that silly laws proliferate in an effort to keep order. The better solution is for people to be law-abiding; not be lawless. To do that, we need the law of God written in our hearts. So, the ultimate solution for peace or happiness is spiritual.

Besides the left and the right in U.S. politics, there is another, better, higher ground. That is, the ground of faith. I am a kingdom citizen. Yes, I'm an American citizen, a patriot, but above and beyond that I'm a citizen of the kingdom of heaven. This is due to my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. I've been born from above into a spiritual kingdom, the reign of God's Son, Jesus. In that kingdom, there is no rich or poor, no black or white.

I'm obligated to God's heaven because I'm a Christian. What are the values of my king? What are his policies? Proclaiming the good news of his kingdom is the duty of every believer. Living to demonstrate his kingdom is why the church is on earth. Our ignorance of God's word or ways keeps the church weak. That's why Jesus said to pray, "Thy kingdom come; Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."

Here in America, we have the privilege of having a society once shaped by Christian values (now eroded). Secularists don't realize when they fight religion, they are fighting the values that made this nation great; not religion, but the gospel of Jesus and the culture it produces. Mixed with faith, the word of the kingdom transforms lives. It knits people by love into groups in which Christ can dwell: families, churches, communities, and even whole nations.

• • •

Ron Wood is a writer and minister. Email him at or visit The opinions expressed are those of the author.

Editorial on 11/07/2018

Print Headline: A higher party

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