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I'm sure that the paper is not interested in our personal disagreements but I will, if allowed, respond once to "Doc" Irwin. Apparently, Mr. Irwin knows me well enough to say what kind of Christian I am. He must have the power to see into a man's heart. Unlike you, "Doc," I don't judge a man so easily. You ask me to "please tell us about the Christian qualities of our president" while you say that he profanes God.

Mr. Trump is often a coarse man and, from what I've seen reported, he has certainly not led a saintly life. I don't support him as a candidate for the church council but he has done some things early on in his presidency to save lives of the unborn and to defend Christians in this country and around the world. It amazes me the people that God has used to do good throughout history, including this president. I have observed presidents who make great speeches while accomplishing little good. I have seen politicians who are great speakers and who put on a great show while supporting evil. So far, with all of his faults, President Trump has accomplished some great things, and I do not like to see the vitriol and hatred spewed against him by so many.

Sorry, "Doc," but I still think that your letters were short on facts and filled with anger and hatred. As far as the Russia thing, you failed to mention that the Steele Dossier was a political project paid for by members of the Democratic party. You and I will continue to disagree on what you call facts, but that is allowed in a democracy.

Mr. Irwin, I knew that you had a Ph.D., but I was not aware that you were a minister. As such, I am a little surprised that you take so much time to personally attack President Trump with such anger. I am no minister, just a person seeking to be a decent Christian, but I will certainly keep you in my prayers.

Dale Lange

Bella Vista

Editorial on 05/16/2018

Print Headline: Letter to the Editor

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