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It was one thing for me to hear reporters talk about the migrants flooding across the border, coming in waves, but it was something else to see it for myself. When TV news started broadcasting videos of children separated from their parents at the border -- illegal immigrants -- I was shocked. Besides the awful issue of kids removed from parents was the reality on display: thousands and thousands of people are simply walking into America.

Suddenly, I was a believer. We're being overrun. America has no border security. Our hodgepodge of laws and loopholes doesn't work. Our Congress -- Democrats and Republicans alike -- need to do what is right and quickly fix this. Build a wall so desperate people will quit the dangerous trek. I admire the courageous people wanting what America has to offer -- liberty and safety. But stop imperiling children. Make a safe, smooth way for legal entry into America. Teach them our history and our Constitution.

The powerful images on TV convinced me. Thank you, network TV news, for making a convincing case for better border security for the safety of the children and for securing peace within our nation.

"Seeing is believing," the old saying goes. A picture is worth a thousand words. Images carry meaning. God uses images. Have you ever considered how often Jesus used vivid scenes to capture people's attention? He would paint a word picture in a parable, tell an imaginary story or use an individual's case right in front of him. He did this in Luke chapter 5.

A crippled man was lowered through a roof by his friends. Jesus saw their faith and healed the man. Whose faith did Jesus see? He saw the faith of the friends, not of the paralyzed man, who had no faith. People with chronic illness have two problems: one is physical, the other is psychological. They are past having faith for themselves. Jesus healed the whole man, not just his body. In fact, Jesus began to heal the man by saying to him, "Your sins are forgiven you." His healing started on the inside. The physical healing was a visible demonstration of something more important -- cleansing from sin.

The crowd was amazed when the cripple walked home. Skeptics saw this and became believers in Jesus.

I've had the good fortune of seeing God's power. I've seen people cured of devastating ailments. Miracles are all about seeing Jesus. He is the anointed Christ, the King of Glory. He is a wonderful savior and healer. He delights to restore souls and to heal injured bodies. Our Lord truly is the Great Physician. "By his stripes we are healed."

It is sad when most believers go to church week after week, year after year, and never see any kind of miracle, no moving of the Spirit, no answered prayer, no gifts of grace in action, no attestations of power, no confirming signs. Skepticism is the default setting for most Americans. Unless people of faith can demonstrate something that the world can see, hear or feel, then our witness will remain weak.

Grace can be observed. Showing mercy to pilgrims is grace in action. Divine healing is an area where heaven breaks through into earthly life. I explained the relationship between medicine and healing prayer in a brochure I wrote years ago. It's based on a true story of a fascinating drama with a wonderful ending. If you would like to have a free copy by email, simply request "Medicine and Prayer."

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Ron Wood is a writer and minister. Readers may email him at or visit Opinions expressed are those of the author.

Editorial on 07/04/2018

Print Headline: Coming to America

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