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DACA and Immigration, Pt. II

Here's a fictional story to address the ideas in a letter on DACA and immigration in which the writer claimed it was "our fault" for allowing immigrants to illegally cross into our country, therefore we simply need to give them citizenship.

A man broke into my home the other night, ate my food and slept in my bedroom. He knew it was wrong, but his home and bedroom were not as nice, so he broke in any way. He also brought his 10-year-old daughter, not wanting to leave her behind and wanting her to have a better home and bed as well. The police came and caught them.

It was decided that the girl was innocent and only there because her dad brought her. Because his daughter needed him, the man couldn't be sent to jail. Further, my neighbors took a vote and decided it was my fault for not having more security, so I have to let them stay in my house, feed them, give them medical care and pay for her school. Because he successfully invaded my home, he is now also entitled to get a driver's license, job training and protection from jail while our politicians fight for him to be given the right to vote on what I do with my home and money. Meanwhile, he's sent for his wife, parents, siblings and grandparents, who now get to stay in my home as well.

If you think this is all wrong, then you see how I feel about DACA.

Glenn Smith

Bella Vista

Editorial on 02/07/2018

Print Headline: Letter to the Editor

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