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Village House Adult Daycare is considering other locations because the organization does not have the funds to stay open in Bella Vista in 2019.

Sara Scott, director of the adult daycare facility, said that she was instructed by the board of directors last week to more aggressively pursue other locations outside of Bella Vista.

Thus far, she said, Village House has raised approximately $16,000 in the past month's fundraising effort, though it has not managed to secure any committed donors who can make regular donations. In October, Scott stated the center would need to raise $120,000 to stay open in Bella Vista.

"There has been a very concentrated effort on Bella Vista," she said. "It doesn't appear that we're going to get the funding that's required to run our program next year just from Bella Vista."

A location in Bentonville or Rogers, she said, may open up more channels for funding the adult daycare program.

The center does not turn a profit on its services. Scott previously stated that affordability is a part of the program's goal. It has subsisted on supplemental income from donations and grants over the years, she said, but those funding channels have declined.

Scott previously stated this program is an excellent resource for family caretakers, which allows them to run errands and take a break while their family member is cared for.

Scott said she appreciated the First United Methodist Church, which has stepped up and worked to raise awareness of the problems facing Village House and tried to raise funds.

General News on 12/05/2018

Print Headline: Village House considering alternate location

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