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To the Editor;

As fall follows summer, we can understand likewise that an assessment increase vote is being planned. After all, some have dreams that need to be paid for, but we don't have the money.

• We have a possible golf course on ARKMO still on the table or in the hip pocket as one board member put it.

• We have a possible new community center whose costs to build and maintain are also unknown. And we also don't know the usage fees or who may use it.

Apart from whether or not the reader supports those things, it seems to me that before we go into encumbering debt from $10 to $20 million, we first have to address three well-known overarching issues. Without these solutions in place, we really shouldn't even waste our money on what we already know is the answer. These three problems have to do with the unassessed lots in our inventory, the ballot, and our POA philosophy.

One, the board intends to vote our 700 non-assessment paying lots in POA inventory in the way they see fit (Bylaws Article X.2.). In my opinion, this is simply ethically wrong for nine people to decide for 33,900 members in good standing on how to vote lots that are not theirs and that are not paying assessments.

Two, the board may intend to structure the ballot like it was last year; it was a two-tier split vote ballot pitting improved and unimproved lot owners against each other. In my opinion, this too is ethically wrong and is considered to be "tyranny by the majority."

Three, the board changed Policy 3.04.I.1 (Guest Policies) that now allows anyone to use our private facilities as a guest of the POA. Just show up and say you're a guest of the POA. If this is challenged, who is contacted? If you vote yes for the new golf course and center, keep in mind that we members are paying much more for someone without any skin in the game to use our amenities.

Whether you liked Ronald Reagan or not, you have to agree that he restored respect for our flag and country. Likewise, we are at the time when we too need to restore our original direction to reestablish what it means to "Be A Member." Once that happens, pride returns, value rises, and the assessment increase could happen. In the meantime, just say no. This is common sense.

Steve McKee

Bella Vista

Editorial on 08/01/2018

Print Headline: Solve the big issues first

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