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Marlene Clapp has planned trips her whole life. She knows that traveling with a group can be a lot of fun and it can also be less expensive. That's why she's willing to do much of the planning for the Bella Vista Travel Club.

The Travel Club grew out of the Welcome Club, which had a subgroup called the Bella Vista Gad-A-Bouts, she said.

Bella Vista Travel Club

Leaving Oct. 23

Returning Oct. 27

Price includes transportation, four nights of accomodations, four breakfasts, tickets for the Ark and the Creation Museum and coupons for the casino.

Although the final price could change, it’s projected to be $545.

Right now, the group has about 50 members, she said. Membership has been higher in the past. They don't meet on a regular basis, but last week she called them together to hear about the next trip.

Two Bella Vista men agreed to do the presentation on a new attraction that may be life changing for some visitors. In October, the Bella Vista Travel Club will leave on a five-day trip to visit the St. Louis Arch, the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum in Florence, Ky., and finally, the Horse Shoe Casino in Tunica, Miss.

Tony Goyko called the full-size replica of Noah's Ark "life changing." Not only is the Ark the largest timber-framed structure in the world, it also answers many practical questions about the famous biblical event.

Don Eckard, who has taught creation science to teenagers, explained that when the Bible says two of each kind of animal was on board, it meant "kind" in the broadest sense. There probably weren't two of each species of big cat on board, he said. It's more likely that there were two cats whose descendents evolved into the various species of big and small cats. Also, not all the animals were fully grown when they were brought aboard the ark. There were probably some very young dinosaurs and elephants on the passenger list, he suggested. Noah, his family and the animals were aboard the Ark for about a year, he explained.

More than 270 different cultures have passed down a story about a flood, Goyko said and some geologists believe they have found evidence of a great flood.

The Ark Encounter opened in July 2016.

Clapp said it was one of the club members who wanted to see the Ark, so she set it up even though she knew that bus trips get a lesser response that cruises. All the trip planned for 2018 are cruises.

In March the group will take a Hawaiian cruise. In June, they'll see Alaska and in September, they will cruise the East coast of New England and Canada.

Not all the members take each trip, Clapp said,. She's willing to welcome new members. Call her at 876-6779 for more information.

General News on 08/09/2017

Print Headline: Travel club going on 'life-changing' trip

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