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Dear Editor,

In my 20 years here in Bella Vista, I have written occasional letters to the editor. In recent months, every letter would be guaranteed to be followed by one written by Dale Lange. In each, he quarreled with my "facts." Supercilious as his ravings, I never found it worthwhile to write back and expose his silliness.

However, now writing, let me respond to the last of his ravings.

I had appreciated two of our international friends who exposed Trump's involvement in Russian cover-ups. Dale said of the two, "I'm grateful that we are learning more every day about those two non-Americans you mentioned and their part in the Russian collusion perpetuated by Democrats." Dale, you are the only one on the planet earth who ever suggested that those two had anything to do with Russian collusion! For God's sake man, he was simply a kind Australian diplomat who brought it to our attention. You cry for "facts," then throw stuff against the fan and suggest to readers that it's facts. I'd be grateful, as surely all our readers, to learn exactly what more you know about his "involvement" in this affair?

Now to the point: Dale represents the fundamentalist Christians who espouse everything good and holy about God, Bible and church. Yet, they take a pass about everything that Trump does which profanes God, the Ten Commandments, and all that is just plain right and good in a moral universe.

I am a minister and I have served throughout my life, with feet of clay to be sure, to encourage my congregations to be responsible to God, to serve the higher good, and to walk with humility, knowing that it is only God's merciful grace that deigns us even to deserve another day of existence.

Dale, please tell us about the Christian qualities of our President. A starter, he has rung up more than 3,000 verifiable lies, which translates to something like 6.5 a day.

J.R. "Doc" Irwin

Bella Vista

Editorial on 05/09/2018

Print Headline: Letter to Editor Christian qualities of our President?

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